Kidron Peterson for US House of Representatives, District 4, Mississippi.                     

     My campaign slogan, God. Family. Country., reflects my values. Serving God, my family and my country are my top priorities.

     I believe that I have been convicted by God to run for Congress and cannot sit idle and watch what is happening in this nation today.

     I don’t want to go to Washington for the status, money, power, or to make friends. In fact, some of my ideas may be quite unpopular with many politicians, even some Republicans. If elected, if I’m not doing as I say I would do, then vote me out.




Hold the political class accountable

Kidron believes that government should be “By the people, for the people” as the founding fathers of this nation intended.

Return control of education back to the states

Kidron believes that the federal government should not control school curriculums.

Secure our borders

Kidron wants to ensure that the border wall is built and that illegal immigrants are deported.

Read more about these and other issues important to Kidron Peterson on our issues page.



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Kidron Peterson


On Tuesday, June 7, 2022,  vote for Kidron Peterson

for US House of Representatives, District 4